CitiScape Services:

At Citiscape LLC we take pride in our work and the ability to do it all. We have the staff, tool and equipment to do the job right!
No job is impossible! New construction or a complete remodel, Window replacements or siding. If you want it, we can build it!

Citiscape Construction is experienced in all type of Foundations.
We can repair or construct Stone, Concrete Block, Brick or Poured Concrete. Check your Foundation! As a home owner it is important to inspect your foundation to ensure it’s integrity.

At Citiscape LLC we can excavate anything from digging out basements to large ponds. We have the equipment to handle any job.
We can perform grading, trenching, digging, dredging or site development work. The type of equipment we use depends on the type of excavation done. Most people are familiar with site-development excavation work.

Quality standards:



We take pride in our work and the ability to do it all.



We have over 25 years experience in all phases of the building trades.


We do it all

We are licensed to do everything from start to finish.

Citiscape Construction can automatically save time and money as we would not have the hassle of trying to get the plumbing person on the job or the electrician or even the heating person.

When you can get one company who is licensed to do everything from start to finish,,,,, well,,,,, you’ve got CITISCAPE CONSTRUCTION LLC